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Online Course - Learn How To Obtain The Aid & Attendance Benefit By Filing A Fully Developed Claim

* Are you a wartime veteran over the age of 65?
* Are you a surviving spouse of a wartime veteran over the age of 65?

If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, you are eligible for a monthly pension that pays:

Single veteran = $1,830 / month
Married veteran = $2,170 / month
Two married veterans - $2,903 / month
Healthy Veteran plus 1 spouse = $1,437 / month
Surviving Spouse of a Wartime Veteran = $1,176 / month

Non-Service Connected Veteran Pension (Wartime Veterans)
Survivor's Death Pension (Surviving Spouse Of A Wartime Veteran)
This benefit, which is commonly referred to as Aid & Attendance, was established in 1952, and was created to help wartime veterans and their surviving spouses pay for long-term care needs such as assisted living or home healthcare.  Unfortunately, the VA makes it very difficult for families to obtain this pension.  This is why we've created a course that is designed to teach veteran families about this benefit, and how to successfully file a Fully Developed Claim directly with the VA Pension Center assigned to their state.  There are only three VA Pension Centers in the United States.  Working with the local VA offices could take up to 15 months before you see any results.  There are several requirements one must meet in order to qualify for the full benefit.  The claimant must pass medical, income, and asset tests.  The good news is that because this is an "EARNED" benefit, there are remedies to all three tests in the event that a veteran family is overqualified.  In addition to passing certain requirements, there are several forms that need to be completed correctly.  Proper wording must be used on these forms.  The slightest mistake could cause long delays and even declinations.  It is definitely in your best interest to seek professional help if you are considering applying for this benefit, but that could cost you a lot of money, and from our experience, many professionals that assist in this area are also misinformed when it comes to obtaining this benefit, which can also cause long delays and declinations.  Please watch the short video below and make an educated decision on what is the best way for you and your family to successfully obtain this pension that is rightfully yours. 

What are your options?
1.  Go to the local VA and apply?
2.  Pay thousands of dollars to someone for help?  
3.  Do nothing and lose out on thousands?
4.  Buy our course for $149 & do it yourself!